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As mentioned on our homepage, we are a coalition of two student-run organizations (Diversify Our Narrative and GENup) who have partnered to join the fight to implement Ethnic Studies curricula in California high schools.


Specifically, Diversify Our Narrative is a national organization of over six thousand students fighting for racial justice through local educational policy reform.


GENup is a California based, statewide student-led social justice organization and student-activist coalition that strives to advocate for education through the power of youth voices.


We believe in the potential of Ethnic Studies to revolutionize and reshape the way we approach teaching race in the classroom. We are eager to make Ethnic Studies a reality for future generations of students.


We work with students and state policymakers to lobby for AB101, the bill authored by Assemblymember Jose Medina that would make Ethnic Studies a mandatory high school graduation requirement in CA high schools.

These efforts take place through meetings with capitol staff to receive strategic updates on the bill, planning events dedicated to phone banking/lobbying support for the bill, and organizing students for phonebanking, email flooding, and letter writing campaigns.

In the past, we have successfully planned a rally supporting mandatory Ethnic Studies with over 200+ students in attendance, circulated a petition of support which amassed 20,000+ signatures over the course of a week, and helped pass AB331 (an earlier version of AB101) on the Senate and Assembly floor.

This year, we plan to take it a step further by not just passing the bill through both houses of the state legislature, but also by having Governor Newsom effectively sign the bill into law.

AB331 Virtual Rally, led by Diversify Our Narrative and GENup students (2020)